the Tenth Annual

Birthmotherís Day of Recognition


This day is for mothers and fathers of all different kinds.† Birth, adoptive, foster, step and/or common law families.†


We would also love to see counsellors, social workers and adoption practitioners touched by adoption in their

daily lives to remember birth families on this day.


Remember that birthparents should be recognized on Motherís Day.† Remember that each adopted child has two loving families.








From deep inside, he sang to me,
a tiny voice, barely there.
The flutterings of butterfly wings
assure me of his existence.
I knew I could not keep him
once he came into this world,
but I sang to him
and told him that I loved him.
I don't know where he lives now.
I don't know IF he lives,
but I keep his song forever in my heart,
and when I play it,
the butterflies return.

© Rose Mermigas (Hawkey)


Light a candle.

Take a walk.

Say a prayer.

Look at pictures.

Write a letter.

Take some time for yourself.

Acknowledge the love you have for your child.

Share the love you have for your child.



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Birthmothers Day of Recognition

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