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To Love and Let Go
revised under the name: "Adoption:  Handful of Hope "

Suzanne Arms 

In Search of Your Roots 

Agnes Baxter

Labours of Love

Deborah A. Brennan

The Psychology of Adoption 

Brodzinsky & Schechter

How to Open An Adoption: 
A guide for parents & birthparents of minors

Patricia Martinez Dorner

A Time to Search

Henry Ehrlich

The Adoption Reader :  Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers, and Adopted Daughters Tell Their Stories

Susan Wadia-Ells (Editor)

When Adoption Fails 

Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi

The Search for Anna Fisher 

Florence Fisher

Birth Bond 

Gediman & Brown

The Right to Know Who You Are

Keith Griffith

Spirit of Open Adoption 

Jim Gritter

The Birthparent Experience in Open Adoption

Jim Gritter

A Ghost at Heart's Edge
Stories and Poems of Adoption

Susan Ito and Tina Cervin 

Thank You son for finding me 

Beth Kane

Looking Back, Looking Forward

David Kirk 

Adoptive Kinship 

David Kirk 

Shared Fate 

David Kirk 

Sacred Connection: Stories of Adoption 

Mary Ann Koenig 

Lost and Found 

Betty Jean Lifton

Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter 

Betty Jean Lifton

Who is My Mother 

Clair Marcus

Adoption Reunions

Michelle McCohn

I Would Have Searched Forever 

Sandra Kay Musser

The Adopted Break Silence 

Jean Paton

The Family of Adoption 

Joyce Maguire Pavao

Adoption Nation  

Adam Pertman

The Dark Side of Adoption

Mirah Ribon

The Adoption Search Book 

Mary Jo Rillera

"Adoption and Loss -The Hidden Grief"

Evelyn Robinson

Saying goodbye to a baby:
Birthparents guide to loss and grief in adoption

Patricia Roles

Birthparent Grief 

[A Pocket Guide Booklet]

Brenda Romanchik

The Adoption Life Cycle 

Elinor B. Rosenberg

Open Adoption Experience 

Roszia and Melina

Unlocking the Adoption Files 

Paul Sachdev

Search Aftermath and Adjustments 

Sanders and Sitterly

The Other Mother 

Carol Schaefer

Children of Open Adoption


Dear Birthmother 


Wake Up Little Susie

Rickie Solinger

Adoption Healing: A Path to Recovery 

Joe Soll, C.S.W.

The Adoption Triangle 

Sorosky, Pannor & Baran

Inside Transracial Adoption

Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall

Synchronicity and Reunion 


Exploring Adoptive Family Life: 
The collected papers of H. David Kirk

Edited by Beve Tansey

In Search of Origins 

John Triseliotis

Primal Wound 

Nancy Verrier

Yesterday they took my baby 

Ben Wicks

Secret Thoughts of An Adoptive Mother

Jana Wolff



Books for Children


Together Forever

Sara L. F. Barris

All About Me

Lynn Burwash

How I Was Adopted

Joanna Cole

Never, Never, Never Will she Stop Loving You

Joleen Durant

Adoption is for Always

Linda Walvoord Girard

Adoption Stories for Young Children

Randall Hicks

Little Miss Spider

David Kirk

The Day We Met You

Phoebe Koehler

Adopted Like Me

Jeffrey LaCure

I Love You like Crazy Cakes

Rose Lewis

Did my First Mother Love Me?

Kathryn Ann Miller

Mr. Rogers - Let's Talk About it:  Adoption

Fred Rogers

Pugnose has Two Special Families

Sheryl Salloum

This is How I Became a Family

Wayne Willis