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Support Services

 Educational Speaker

 Peer Support for Clients at any Stage of the Adoption Process, Including Pregnancy, Grief, Rebuilding, Talking to Family Members, Adoptive Family Contact and Reunion

 Client Access to an M.S.W. Counsellor Specializing in Adoption Issues

For Adoptive Professionals

We Can Provide Assistance With:

 Writing Letters

 Mediating Open Adoption Issues

 Facilitating Reunions

 Decision Making

 Successful Coping Strategies

 Entrustment Ceremonies

 Developing Safe and Healthy Birth Plans and Managing the Hospital Stay

 Putting the Rights Supports in Place for a Successful Adoption Experience

 Adoption Disclosure Registry Information

 A Chance to Ask Questions and Come to Terms with the Fears you Have Around Open Adoption by Meeting and/or Talking to a Birthmother

 Tips and Things to Consider in Planning Successful Meetings and Reunions

 Information about Open Adoption and itís Effects on Children

 Support while Processing Thoughts and Fears around Search and Reunion Issues

 Information on the Adoption Disclosure Registry and Your Right to Privacy

 Letting go of Guilt and Unhealthy Feelings

 Building Bridges of Understanding that are Helpful in Navigating Adoptive Family Life

For Adoptive Families

To contact us by web or mail:

Birthmothers of Canada
36 Littlefield Crescent
Kitchener, Ontario
N2E 2M5

E-mail:† info@birthmothersofcanada.org



For Birth Families