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Birthmother Stories and Poems


The Last Hour-Ashley Frank

Kindred Pathways-Jocelyn Bedard



Amazing Birthmother Achievements


Unlocking the Heart of Adoption - Bridging the gap between birth and adoptive families - Film by Sheila Ganz - Artwork 1 2 3

Two days after Sheila gave birth to her daughter, she got to hold her for about 10 minutes,  She decided to make a sculpture commemorating those precious moments with her daughter using chicken wire, bamboo, burlap and plaster.  The sculpture is held up at the four corners by wires on eye-hooks from the ceiling.  The plaster is unpainted, a memory suspended in time. 10 minutes.


Art Expressions from Different Perspectives

Jessica Emmett - Autobiographical issues about adoption.  Raw and personal experiences of being transracially adopted.

Sculpture by Taun - Mei Mei “Little Sister”

Susan Lordi - Child of my Heart - last sculpture on the page


Adoption Related Greeting Cards, Books, Gifts and More
Patrick McMahon, Photographs, Stories, Cards and Calendars
Reunite Cards - Bringing people back together

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