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The plaid ribbon symbolizes the unique connection between birth and adoptive families. 


The interwoven pattern represents the uniqueness of each family and the red symbolizes the blood connection between birth family members.

Who Are Birthmothers?

A birthmother is a person who has relinquished a child to an adoptive family.

This may have happened by placing your child for adoption or perhaps your child was taken away from you.

You did not give a baby away or ever stop loving your child.

You may have been told to forget about your child and to move on with your life yet received no support or court ordered counseling.  You were on your own to deal with your invisible grief and pain.

We are the forgotten ones, along with many birthfathers who have suffered this nameless loss.  It was difficult to have any part in the decision process about the baby because of intense feelings.  Inner emotional numbness developed in order to protect us from our pain.

Your child may contact you years later and this may be difficult or even traumatic if you have never developed the strength and understanding required to live with your loss.

Many of us live with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or experience disenfranchised grief.

Some of us are able to know information about our children and can even further develop a special relationship with them through letters and personal visits.   This aids the healing process and can be very healthy for the child, birth and adoptive family. 

If you require mediation to navigate this process we can help!

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